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Eleanor Gillman

Eleanor Gillman

Eleanor Gillman is a Deep One hybrid who was indoctrinated by her husband Abraham Gillman. Eleanor and Abraham married in 1867 and in 1869 went to work for the Elliot family as caretakers of the Elliot family home. Her husband, being a true Gillman imparted the family secret to Eleanor who believed it to be a gift which would allow her to explore the world as she had always dreamed. In 1870 Eleanor was fully initiated into the "family".

As the years progressed the Gillman's worked for the Elliot family and eventually moved to the house made by Walter Elliot off the coast of Maine. The house sat atop a cliff which overlooked a significant Deep One colony just off the coast. See caves beneath the home gave access to the colony. Joyce Brockford a descendant of Walter Elliot eventually bought the home in later years once it had fallen into obscurity.

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Dec. 11, 2016, 6:20 a.m.
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