Sorrow's Glen Part 1

Sorrow's Glen Part 1

After the horrifying events of the Bishop murders, our investigators try as they might to settle into their prior lives. Changed forever by the disturbing truths uncovered they find it difficult to go back to their mundane lives as they were before. For some their perceptions of the universe and our place in it have been shattered and for others the person who they used to be no longer exists.

Hallister Browning’s delving into dark magic has left him crippled and deformed yet immortal. Lillian Sinclair, whose mania has her wearing a mask to hide from horrible things, has embraced her malady, and embraced something darker still. Norville Rodgers is gone, dead from the cave-in beneath the Bishop home. Nathan Brauner has pulled away from the group choosing to focus on his life of crime rather than a pursuit of dark powers, and Gerhardt Rothstien has finished his new book chronicling the events of the Bishop investigation.

Upon receiving an unmarked envelope with three newspaper articles contained inside Gerhardt calls on the others to help him investigate some strange sleepwalking incidents at a archeological dig in a place called “Sorrow’s Glen”...Listent to next episode

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