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The Master's Leech

The Master's Leech

The Masters Leech

It is written in the terrible Revelations of Gla’aki that an artifact of great power was bestowed upon the servants as a way to transport their master to different locations around the earth. The artifact in question is known as The Master’s Leech and is said to be a piece of the horrible god himself. The 7th volume of the Revelations of Gla’aki references this artifact saying that the servants can use it to call Gla’aki to any location that contains a body of water large enough to hold him. Due to the need of fresh blood to activate the device, a live human must preform the ritual and once doing so becomes another of the servants of Gla’aki.

The artifact stands approximately nine inches tall with a circumference of four to five inches at the base. The base is octagonal and tapers slightly as it extends upward ending in a spherical nodule at the top. The spherical nodule has several thin needles like protrusions dispersed evenly around it. There are symbols carved in each of the eight faces of the base, which have no known human origin. Chronicled history volumes in the Vatican archives with woodcarvings depicting the artifact are said to exist but are under guard in the underground vaults. The Revelations of Gla’aki also have a rendering of the object as well as descriptions of its use. Mentions of the artifact appear in other terrible tomes such as De Vermis Mysteriis and the Unausssprechliche Kulte by Freidrich von Junzt. Other less potent works of the occult have also referenced the artifact but in less reliable detail.

The artifact was rumored to have appeared in the Severn Valley near Brichester England some time in the 12th century. A man named Acton Cuthbert discovered the artifact in a lake located in the area while fishing and brought it back with him to his home. Court records in Birchester tell of the trial of Acton Cuthbert who was said to have lured some thirteen man and women to his isolated home where he murdered them. Local Constables were alerted by farmers in the area that the smell of death was strong near the Cuthbert residence and they preceded to the home to speak with Mr. Cuthbert. They found the bodies of the thirteen recently missing individuals quite dead but positioned around the house as they would be in daily life. Mr. Cuthert was arrested and the artifact was confiscated from his home. It later went missing from the museum at Birchester which it resided.

There are various books dealing with the study and application of magic that reference the artifact after this time. References in the book True Magik, tell of the ability to call on “The Dweller In The Lake” to seek counsel and power. It is also said that the artifact has the ability to lend power to rituals performed in its presence. The Revelations of Gla’aki also states the ability to transport an entity of great power to the location of the artifact when a blood sacrifice has been made.

The artifact resurfaced in the town of Newport Massachusetts in 1743, when a group of people from town began to move out of their homes to a location outside of town. The friends and families of these people where concerned that something was a miss as their loved ones stopped visiting them once they moved out. Eventually local constables were notified and the resulting investigation of the settlement ended in violence. Three constables and twelve residence of the new settlement were killed. The others fled into the forest and were not seen again. The head constable, Mr. Reginald Pinner confiscated the strange artifact from what he described as, “Some sort of ritual chamber or temple”. The artifact was given to the local church for safekeeping but was misplaced several years later.

It is now unknown where the artifact may be, but researchers believe it to have been transported to France sometime in 1883 and made a return trip on a ship bound for San Francisco sometime in 1924. Unfortunately on the return trip the ship said to carry the artifact sunk off the coast of Oregon at Yaquina Head, the artifact is said to have gone down with the ship. No reports of the artifact have surfaced since that time.

The Masters Leech:

This powerful artifact allows the caster +20% to cast contact Gla’aki or summon / dismiss Servants of Gla’aki.

The artifact can also extend the range of a Send Dreams spell by 10 miles.

Spell: Leeching of Gla’aki

A living human must perform this spell but can gain additional magic points from Servants of Gla’aki. The spell is mentioned only in the 7th volume in the Revelations of Gla’aki and has not been referenced in any other known tome. The caster must give blood equal to 1d6 hip points. They do so by holding the top of the artifact and allowing the small needle like spines to puncture the palms of both hands. As the blood drains down onto the artifact the caster and collected participants must imbue the artifact with 1d100+10 magic points. Once this is done the caster must continue to hold the artifact and walk into a body of water large enough to hold Gla’aki, this is determined by the keeper but it should be roughly the size of a small to medium lake. A ritual chant is begun once the caster is in the water and an additional sacrifice of 10 POW is required. Gla’aki should appear in the water within 1d10 hours of chanting. Gla’aki will either consume the caster or make them a servant at that time. So long as The Masters Leech is keep doused in fresh blood, Gla’aki can remain at this new location and has all normal powers. If The Masters Leech is deprived of blood Gla’aki will return to the lake in the Severen Valley. This will also occur if the artifact is destroyed, the artifact is indestructible by conventional means and there has been no reference found in any Mythos tome which describes how it's destruction could be accomplished.

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